Thursday, February 14, 2013

Have a Super Valentine's Day!

We here at PopCereal wish you all a Super Valentine's Day.

So, don't be a stupid cupid!  Go print these out and hand 'em out to your family and friends.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's 10 O'Clock. Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

Look what happens when they allow them pesky kids start to monkey around in the Arts!
This a sister act Chaos Chaos, formerly going about under the name Smoosh. You may have caught them playing with people like Pearl Jam, or Sleater-Kinny, or Death Cab for Cutie, or even on the Lollapalooza tour.  They've yet to break out of their teen years (Chloe is 17 and Asy is 19), but are near seven year veterans of the music biz.

This is the kind of music act we promote with our own two little girls.  Great musicianship and introspective lyrics.  And great songs to listen to in the car, especially when my girls want to do some killer air drums.

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