Friday, May 19, 2006

shalalalalalala! let's dance!!

Fans of the incredibly poppy bubblegum songs sung by their favorite Saturday morning cartoon characters are gonna flip their cans when they see this site. Mondo Daddykin has only been up and at 'em for a few days shy of a month, but man do they have a cereal box load of goodies already!

The mysterious Daddykin has amassed a trunkload of mp3 files of everything from the all-too-common Archie songs to the jeez-I-forgot-about-those-guys collections of songs from The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, The Incredibles and The Groovie Goolies (just to name a thimbleful). He's also given us a little insight into the background of some of the artists who created the bubblegum juice.

Sadly, for PopCerealites across the continent, there has been no official collection of the terrific pop songs we all heard on those Saturday mornings programs of yore. But Mondo Daddykins has done us all a huge amazing service by copying the songs off of his old VHS tapes (old school) and transferring them to the digital universe (new school) for all of us to once again dance to (school's out for summer). I had been wanting to do just what Daddykins has been doing, but now I don't gotta. Thanks to our new PopCereal hero -- Mr. Mondo Daddykins!

Now, go enjoy yerselves!
~Mr. Miller


Katya Oddio said...

What happy to mondodaddykin? Guess I missed all the Saturday Morning audio joy.

PopCereal said...

Ms. Oddio,

From what I could gather, Mondo had some complaints about particular LP sharities that he posted on his blog. Not sure of the leaglities and all (or even if I'm halfway correct on the whole matter), but I know from his postings about the subject that he was quite bummed about closing shop.

I do believe he was going to come back in some form or fashion, sometime -- so keep an eye peeled.

Mr. Miller

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