Saturday, June 24, 2006

it couldn't have been tori?

Well, if that don't beat all!! Not a good year for keeping my entertainment idols around. Don Knotts, Darren McGavin, Buck Owens -- Dan Curtis!! And now Aaron Spelling. Can the weekend for a kid from the Saturday Morning generation get any more lousy?

I don't know if you've seen any of the other posts here at PopCereal, but yours truly Mr. Miller, here, is a big fan of 70s TV. Especially the Made For TV Movie. Like many other kids of my day, I was great friends with the family TV set. Good pals we were. Still are. Oh, we had some good times, we did. Loads of laughs, plenty of thrills, and yes -- some tears, as well.

One of the shows that my ol' pal introduced me to, back in 1968, was The Mod Squad.

Spelling's name in the producer slot didn't mean much to me then, but this show was just the beginning for me. The Made for TV Movie soon came into my life -- movies like Crowhaven Farm, The House That Would Not Die, A Taste of Evil. It was love at first fright. Funny thing was, the more of these movies I watched, the more I started noticing this weird name.

Aaron Spelling.

Of course, as a teenage boy springing through puberty in the mid-70s, Mr. Spelling fast became a real true hero. Whenever in need of some shapely bodies to drool over, or an extraordinary face to fall in love with, my man Aaron came through, time and time again.

Shows like Charlie's Angels, Love Boat and Fantasy Island had enough T&A imagery to fill my hormone cluttered mind for years. I had not a clue to who this Spelling guy was -- TV producers didn't have much celeb cred as they do these days -- but, I was indebted to him.

So, thank you Mr. Spelling for filling my life with gluttonous amounts of trivial fun, T&A, and pop culture trinkets -- for all this we forgive you for introducing the boob tube world to your daughter (pun intended).

Good-bye Mr. Spelling.

Mr. Miller

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