Monday, July 03, 2006

name that movie!

Do you think you know what movie this still frame is from? Huh! Wassat!! The character has been rendered invisible!! Oh No!
The clever "Boyz" over at FilmWise have devised a devious little game they call Invisibles. What they do is use modern technology from their labs on Mars (Mr. Miller is only guessing on that) to erase the physical bodies from the movie still -- as you can see above -- and then asks you to wrack yer brains to figure out what movie the dang thing is from. Clever indeed!

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Gina said...

ooh, is he saying, "I want my two dollars!"? I can't think of the name of the movie, but I think John Cusack was in it. . .Better Off Dead, maybe?

This is a fun site :-)


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