Saturday, August 05, 2006

quazy for quisp!

Summer time and the munching is easy.

I haven't been very active with this site as of late, due to the fun of summer. But I did want to show up once in a while to point out some sites I've seen. (Stay tuned for some great LP sharities in the future, along with some comic books)

A favorite of the Saturday morning generation was easily Quisp cereal. Sure, you've got yer Cap'n Crunches of the cereal world, but nothing beat that quazy qookie Quisp martian. And as it so happens, the Quisp advertisement campaign was designed by the same people who came up with the Cap'n Crunch ads -- Jay Warden of Bullwinkle fame.

"Vitamin powered sugary cereal Quisp for Quazy energy." That was the motto behind Quisp cereal, whose mascot was voiced by Daws Butler (the voice of Yogi Bear). The cereal had a fairly short shelf life (even shorter was the companion cereal treat Quakes) first landing in local grocery stores in the mid-1960s, only to be zapped out of wide distribution by the 1980s. Don't fret o downhearted Earthniks! You can still buy boxes from the Qusip website, or at a handful of local grocers -- listed on the site as well.
A complete Quisp profile can be found at the Quisp Cereal site


RAB said...

I remember being deeply confused as a child by the competition between Quisp and Quake which led to the latter undergoing a makeover from hard-hat wearing construction worker to...caped Australian cowboy. I'm pretty sure it was this shift in image that cost Quake public support. He was going "I supported digging in the cereal mines before I was against digging in the cereal mines" and Quisp was all like "Stay the course, don't change saucers in mid-orbit" and we just didn't know who to believe. Sure, Quisp may be popular now...but as the cereal wars continued with no end in sight, how many kids wished they'd voted for Quake instead?

Anonymous said...

I was a '70s Quake kid until the makeover. Then I was afraid eating it would turn me into an effete caped cowboy.

Max the Drunken Severed Head

PopCereal said...

I remember being fairly unimpressed with Quake when I was a kid. I guess I was more into martians and things like that, so the idea of a blue collar working stiff as a spokesman for a breakfast cereal didn't really grab at me.

Mr. Miller

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