Thursday, September 21, 2006

superman is a superdick!

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive... bitchier than a diva supermodel with an aerodynamic cell phone.
Geesh! Whoda thunk that the superstar superhero had such a mean streak!

Check out Superdickery to see their gallery of Superman comic covers that show Superman in a less than heroic light. There's the one where the superhero threatens to leave Lois Lane floating in outerspace unless she marrys him. Then the one where he lets a boy dangle precariously from atop a building as he counts out his stolen cash. Then there's the one where Batman lays dying in a hospital, and Superman has his respirator pulled, muttering "What's one Batman, more or less?" And there's a crudload of covers where Superman is a superdick to his little buddy Jimmy Olsen -- threatening to toss him in jail, busting up yet another adoption attempt.

This is one side of Superman you don't get to see in his movies.

Also, check out the other weirdo comic cover gallery that are just too bizzaro for words.

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