Monday, November 20, 2006

tis the reason

We've been very lax these past few months here at PopCereal, what with all the other duties of life mulling about (yep, that ol' excuse). I can only convey to you my sincerest of apologies and promise that we will try a lot harder to bring you more original content (along with stuff cribbed from other sites that we desperately feel you should go look at!).

To make up for lost time, we're going to dive headlong into the Season of Seasons! Yes, Christmas shouldn't start until after Thanksgiving, I know, but we just can't help ourselves. I fully understand that Turkey Day just doesn't get the respect it's due (for crimeny sakes it's pretty much the forgotten holiday, being wedged between Xmas and Halloween), and we plan to rectify that one day. For now, though, here's the first of some Yuletide recordings for you to feast upon.

This fantastic record was found by Mr. Miller in a Holiday bin at the world famous WFMU Record Show a few years back, and ever since then he's had it on the top of his "must hear every year" list. It's a well polished bubblegum ball of sugary pop Christmas songs, with that sound that could only have come from out of the 70s.

The Rhodes Kids had a small amount of fame back in their day, with a guest appearances on an episode of The Wonderful World of Disney and a TV variety special Welcome to Our World, but who the hell knows where all these teen popsters go to after their brief stint in Fameland.

We haven't been able to find out a whole lot about the traveling family band's whereabouts these days, but Mr. Miller was able to dig up an interview done by one of the eldest Rhodes kid, Ron, who has been keeping very busy with his own ministry and writing books. Check out the interview where Ron talks about the days of Tigerbeat and Mike Douglas.

And then go download their fantastic Christmas LP. Mr. Miller guarantees that you'll dig it!

download it here: Rock 'n Rhodes Christmas

The rip you are about to download (and the cover scans) has come to you by the courtesy of none other than the King of Jingaling over at Falalalala. His rip is far better than the one from Mr. Miller's LP, so we're happy to share it -- thanks to the King. Please visit him, and visit him often.


The King Of Jingaling said...

I posted this on FaLaLaLaLa last year and got an email from Mark Rhodes who filled me in on what the family is up to.

Check it out:

The King Of Jingaling said...
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PopCereal said...

Thank you for giving us the heads up on the Rhodes news, Mr. King. And especially thank you for sharing your excellent rip of the LP!
Happy Xmas,
Mr. Miller

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