Tuesday, November 20, 2007

goggle gobble says the turkey, in the gravy dark and murkey

Well geezymaude! That's what I get for moving from one state to another and searching out new modes of employment and inviting a new little baby girl into the world -- no time to post, is what.

Mr. Miller here was none too happy about missing out on all the Halloween sharing tricks or treats, but I hopes to make it up with the upcoming Christmas holiday. To kick it off all proper like, here's the man Johnny Cash to lead us in a Thanksgiving prayer.

Remember when holidays were all about entertaining the kids? What ol' Mr. Miller here wouldn't give to have a cartoon line-up like this on the tube on Turkey Day Morning.

Okay, listen up class. Today we're going to watch a film that will teach you all about the true spirit of Thanksgiving. Albert, get the lights please.

To part with, Mr. Miller here wants to give a word of caution to all you Black Friday hooligans... watch yer step!

PopCereal wishes all you turkeys a Happy Thanksgiving. And don't forget to pop another hole in the ol' belt strap!


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