Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Isis... I Love You

You know that old standby about little boys and how they hate girls - yuck!! I was always puzzled by that. I mean, I realized that I was suppose to hate them, having been told so by just about every kid character on TV. Beaver hated 'em. Opie couldn't stand 'em. Bobby Brady stood clear of 'em. So, what the hell was wrong with me? Why wasn't I like them? Why wasn't I a member of the He-Man Woman Haters Club?

Thank goodness I never got that membership card in the mail, 'cause I never would've paid any mind to the awesomeness that was Isis.

Saturday Mornings were already a little slice of heaven for this kid. But when Joanna Cameron popped on the screen scene, this boy became a man! The mini Superhero skirt outfit. The toned arms. The shapely legs. Wait a minute... can someone please, please explain to me what exactly it is that a boy is supposed to find gross about all of this!! "Cause, man! I was in love.

Even with the saucer sized spectacles on, as Isis' normal-person person, science teacher Andrea Thomas, still the girl has got it all sewn up and ready twirl.

Of course, there were a load of other interesting things about the TV program. There was Bigfoot, Andrea's cute student friend Cindy, fast cars, criminals on the run, Cindy and her jeans, mystery, adventures, and Cindy's molar exposing smile.

Boys, it's time to drop the facade. Go get the DVD Box Set a BCI Eclipse/Navarre.

Oh Zephyr winds that blow on high, watch this clip or you'll just die!


Scott said...

Sizzle-lean! This was slightly before my time, however I do remember a chubby little kid with a chubby little secret when Lynda Carter strutted on the screen scene in those wonderfully patriotic tight shorts and silky hose - with the brunette-blue eyed look that seemed to make an impression on me because I married a shorter version. I have not yet gotten her to dress as Wonder Woman, but there is still time! I too was a card-carrying member of the Women-Lover's Club.

PopCereal said...

Thank you Mr. Scott--
I'd like to know if these TV kids grew outa their girls = yuck stage. I hope so.

Mr. Miller

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