Friday, February 19, 2010

come on board

Holy chimollies!! This one took me by surprise. I haven't even thought of this show in decades, but instantly remembered it all once the moment I clicked play and the junk yard doors opened up to reveal the kids dancing in front of their awesome double decker bus.

HERE COME THE DOUBLE DECKERS originally aired in Great Britain, but then was picked up by ABC for their Saturday Morning lineup. I was just fascinated with the show I guess because I dug the idea of being a kid who has a double decker bus for his hangout.

The logline from IMDB reads: The adventures of a gang of seven kids whose clubhouse is an abandoned double decker bus in a London junkyard. Usually involves a bit of singing, a bit of dancing and general fun times.

There's a call for the show to be rereleased for Saturday Morning fans at the fan page for HERE COME THE DOUBLE DECKERS.

There are also episodes of the Brit kid comedy on youtube (God bless 'em). Start your Saturday Morning off with "The Pop Singer."

A bit o' trivia... the show features Peter Firth as one of the kids. Not the biggest name in the world to be dropping, but he did make a splash in several prominent films and productions.

Now, enjoy part 2 of "The Pop Singer":

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