Saturday, February 27, 2010

good eats!

Having gone Manly Gaga over the Double Deckers on my last post, Mr. Miller realized that I had jumbled my memories of that show with another show that was on at the same time?

After going through all the youtube videos of Double Deckers, I realized -- hey! wasn't this an awful lot like Mulligan Stew?

Well... yes... and no. They were both shot on film -- yes. And they both had a gang of kids -- yes. And they had a lot of action take place in somewhat urban locales -- yes. But, only Double Deckers had goofy, wild, kid adventures, and Mulligan Stew was more like a glorified segment of Sesame Street or Zoom!, with lessons and music.

Compare with the links from Mr. Miller's previous blog entry...

Both shows were highly entertaining, and full of great kid-friendly action. Mr. Miller really wished they had shows like this these days for his mini-Mr. Millers to enjoy.

Meanwhile, they can watch these links...

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