Sunday, July 31, 2011

PopCereal Blogger Alert! Freckled Derelict

Holy Batsnap!!  I came across this blooger by way of a link from Vintage Books My Kid's Love (who, by the way, you should be following too!) and went bananas poring over the fantastic collection of retro reads and oddities.

On her Golden Gems blog, there is a catalog of golden olden illustrated kid's books.  Not just discussed, but for full viewing!  There are also brilliant scans of vintage paper product, like Valentine cards and record albums. What a treat.

Over at Plenty 'O' Fun, there's more retro fun... and plenty of it, just as promised.  I love the groovie collection of romance comics, and TV related goodies.  Then at Fresh Meat, the Freckled Derelict displays her own works of fab vintage style works -- which is an unsquare treat for PopCereal kids!
Now, go have fun!

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