Friday, July 22, 2011

PopCereal Remembers... Taco Flavored Doritos

Do you remember when Taco flavored Doritos where the ONLY Doritos?
If you remember that, then you probably get called a dinosaur or old fogey... like I do.

Like any PopCereal family, we loved our snacks.  Popcorn was the ultimate TV time treat, but potato chips sure hit the spot on Sunday afternoons with the football games.  Being from western NY, we got addicted to Bison Sour Cream and Onion dip with our chips -- so, when flavored chips came about, we dug in as fast as we could.  [Not sure if Bison reaches out past the East Coast, but you folks are sure missing a treat, if'n you haven't tasted it.]

I'm not gonna lie when I tell you that I remember the moment I was introduced to a bag of Taco flavored Doritos.  My Dad bought them for our weekend treat.  And more, he introduced them as a chip that didn't need a dip!  Trust me, this is a big thing, because the only variety of chips in these days were plain or krinkle cut!!

A few years later in the early 70s came the Nacho flavored Dorito.  It was like gold had struck!!  Bags of Nacho Doritos couldn't stay on the shelves long enough -- which was fine with me.  I still loved the Taco chips.  Oh, I learned to love the Nacho, but the taco still had my heart.  Apparently, I wasn't among many, because the Taco flavored Dorito became all but extinct.  It came back in various recipe changes, or as part of special mix bags.  But, it looks as thou the silent legion of my youth has called out, and demanded the return of the Taco!!

I can only hope that this "limited" batch becomes a regular item.

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